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Anyone suffering from illness, injury, chronic pain, disability, or depression knows how it can affect your self-image, confidence and ability to function well and enjoy life.

Heart of Embodiment offers group classes and individual hands-on sessions in Somatic Movement Therapy and Education (Feldenkrais® Method, Body-Mind Centering® approach, Jahara® Aquatic Therapy), for adults, children and infants, both on land and in warm water to help you rediscover your innate capacity to:

* Learn to make positive changes in how you sense, feel, think & move in the world.

* Become stronger, more flexible, increase your vitality and lessen your pain through comfortable, gentle movements and skilled touch.

* Improve your posture, balance, coordination and concentration.

* Learn about the succession of early developmental movement patterns, and reflexes that underlie all effortless movement.

* Discover how your tissues, cells and embryological development hold a consciousness, allowing you to be more whole and present in your life and relationships.

The group lessons involve guided, gentle movements done lying, sitting, standing or walking or improvised movements. They offer an opportunity of self-awareness by integrating movement with thinking, feeling, sensing and visualization.

image of group class

Individual hands-on sessions are done lying or sitting on a bodywork table. They involve gentle touch, movement and dialogue to address physical, emotional or spiritual challenges.

To increase the accessibility of Somatic Therapy and Education to the low-income and racially diverse community, Sonja founded the San Francisco Somatic Wellness Program in the beautiful Women’s Building in 2003.

The program offers a drop-in group somatic movement class for the general public and individual hands-on sessions by appointment for low-income women, children and infants at reduced cost, under direction of Sonja Riket, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist®, Feldenkrais® and BodyMindCentering® Teacher.

In addition, recently Certified Practitioners from Feldenkrais® and Body-Mind Centering® training programs have an opportunity to complete internships and receive direct supervision of their work.

Please, contact Sonja for more information on schedule and location.

CHildren with Sonja Riket

Sonja has a special interest and extensive experience in working with infants (with normal development as well as infants with developmental delays and special needs). Sonja assesses their early developmental movement patterns and through playful, gentle and non-intrusive interactions, helps each child find effective ways to develop their optimal potential. This child-centered approach is especially useful for parents and caregivers with infants in educational group classes and individual hands-on sessions.

individual session2

For more information on group classes or to schedule an individual appointment, please call Sonja at 415.661.1852

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I find that Sonja has some of the most healing hands that I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy. She/they seem to know just how to touch/heal. I feel more whole when I leave her sessions.
Phillip Brooks, Psychotherapist, Core Faculty California Institute of Integral Studies



















I had an arm injury and was desperate for relief. From one Feldenkrais® session with Sonja, my arm felt completely better. I was really impressed and intrigued. I had no idea how she did it, but knew she'd done something amazing. She is a gifted practitioner with exceptional understanding and perspective. Her training in different modalities makes her work unique.
Jennifer Love




































"It is rare to find someone so skilled in Aquatic and Somatic Movement Therapies. Without this kind of treatment, my son Keith would possibly face a life on prescription muscle relaxants and surgeries."
Gail Kingston, Parent










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