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Tools for Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation and
Performance Enhancement

This course is offered quarterly at the SF Community Music Center www.sfcmc.org you can view a short clip here.
For instrumentalists, singers, music faculty, music therapists, performing artists.

Our body is our instrument. How we use it influences the quality of our movements and the sounds we make with our voices and our musical instruments.

This group class will present tools to free yourself from tension, pain and injury, improve the quality and longevity of your musical life and find innovative sources for expression, composition and improvisation based on the Feldenkrais® method and Body-Mind Centering® approach to somatic education.

It is an inquiry into the relationship between the body and the mind through movement, guided attention and non-verbal dialogue. The exploration of different body systems, developmental movement patterns and their inherent qualities of mind can create fertile ground for new performance material. In the process students may find improvements in breathing, tone, coordination and technical proficiency as well as prevent and rehabilitate injuries.

Students should bring their instruments if they have one and a piece of music to play or compose at the end of each class.

Private hands-on sessions are also available at the center or teacher’s studio.

For application to dance, please click here.

For more information on group classes or to schedule an individual appointment, please call Sonja at 415.661.1852


"Working with Sonja Riket, has been a tremendously rewarding experience. Her teaching has begun to integrate within me a level of dynamic body balance and awareness which I had never known existed. I am finding myself playing with more fluidity, ease, and comfort than ever before. But far more than just injury prevention, Sonja’s “Embodiment and Expression” course opens up creative and physical resources which can positively affect nearly every aspect of one’s life. The overall experience has been nothing short of a complete personal paradigm shift."
Peter Lee, Bachelor of Music, Classical Guitar, San Francisco Conservatory of Music.






“Very few experiences in my sixty plus years have been as rewarding and productive as the Body-Mind Centering® therapy, information, explorations and exercises I have received from Sonja Riket. This for me has been a very powerful healing experience, restoring mobility to my playing (53 years of moving notes on a saxophone) and generally improving my quality of life. No risk, exceptional personal gain, the best and most productive health related sessions of my life.”
Bill Fiege, Senior Faculty SF Community Music Center

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