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Finding the Joy of Connection and
Powerful Healing in this Compassionate Dance

Black and white image of Sonja Riket dancing tango

Intimate Embrace Tango is an ongoing endeavor to experience community around the exploration of Argentine Tango dance, music and history.
We envision it as a relational matrix of connection to ourselves, each other and the world.

Tango is about listening and moving as one, a communication of the soul through subtle movements of two bodies joined in breath and energy. The beautiful connection between human beings in the Tango Embrace invites common ground in our history and humanity.

In her unique teaching technique Sonja Riket combines her vast experience of a 30-year worldwide dance career with 25 years of somatic study and practice. This innovative approach to tango allows one to find stillness within and discover the ease of movement and one's own creative expression in this improvised dance. Sonja's patient, warm and supportive teaching style facilitates a positive learning experience for both beginning and advanced students.

We offer several levels of study, from the Pre-Beginner workshop (our signature somatic approach to Tango), to the Beginner and Advanced Beginner Technique class series and movement coaching for the Intermediate to Advanced levels.

tango embrace

Sonja has created a special course: “Transformation Tango: Exploring Tango from the Inside for Healing and Connection”.

Based on recent scientific research, psychologists and physical therapists believe that learning to dance Argentine Tango can help people suffering from heart and circulatory problems, depression, even Alzheimer and Parkinson’s Disease improve their lives.

As a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, Feldenkrais® and Body-Mind Centering®Teacher, Sonja is well versed to guide you with great intuition through the process of reclaiming your wholeness in the embrace of another. Transformation Tango allows for profound healing in all aspects of our life and relationships.

Private Lessons/ Movement Coaching

Sonja offers her insights and expertise of a lifetime of coaching and refining movement to enhance your technical skills in communicating and expressing your creativity in whichever dance you enjoy.

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For more information, please visit www.IntimateEmbraceTango.com

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For more information on group classes or to schedule an individual appointment, please call Sonja at 415.661.1852


"This is the most brilliant introduction to a dance that I have ever experienced, hands down. Sonja is really special. Her secret?... She teaches you the inner dance. Her introduction spoke of how to be in your body, what the dance was about from connection to yourself, your own body, your partner, and the room. Something else special happened: rarely do you get to have such an intimate exchange from the heart with a room full of people. Most didn't know each other, but by the end, even if we hadn't met, we felt connected. We left feeling there was a beautiful sense of heart connection in the room. That was really special."
Jessica M.






"Sonja Riket is an unusually accomplished, versatile, and gifted teacher, performer, expert and movement therapist. Her Tango classes are unusual and refreshing. They provide a student like me a space to explore movement in its soulful essence and the art form of an intricate graceful dance. The reflection of living life in the practice of tango dancing (sourced in the restorative medium of somatic movement) as taught by Sonja is unprecedented."
Saraswati Chandramouli






"Sonja's different approach to Tango, unlike any other teachers, summons the spirit of mind and body into one. The Intimate Embrace Tango experience is one that has enriched my life in more ways than I can count. Sonja's weaving of the dance with one's emotional state has brought me to a new awareness of how movement can touch and heal the body, heart and soul. Sonja's contributions have allowed me and many of my friends who have attended the workshops to know a different way to express and live."
Debra Varner

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