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Sonja enjoys applying her Somatic Movement Education and Therapy work with musicians, singers, dancers and other performing artists.

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For more information on how musicians and singers can benefit,
please click here and view this video.



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For more information on the application to dance and particularly Argentine Tango, please click here.


Visit www.IntimateEmbraceTango.com

For more information on group classes or to schedule an individual appointment, please call Sonja at 415.661.1852


"As a violinist, the Feldenkrais work has not only sped my recovery from injury, but greatly enhanced my sense of physical integrity, ease and grace."
Ingrid Matthews, Violinist and Music Director of the Seattle Baroque Orchestra





"I did Sonja Riket's pre-beginner tango workshop during National Dance Week. It was an experience unlike anything I've had in a dance class. Rather than focus on the moves and the mechanical technique of the dance her focus was on the somatic aspect --- How one learns by experiencing. I came away with a new found appreciation and gratitude for the act of movement in everyday life. I highly recommend Sonja's classes for anyone looking for an extraordinary movement and dance experience."
Raj P.



"I have taken tango classes before and Sonja Riket teaches from the heart and soul. Her style of teaching is very honest, gentle and direct. It is more than just a dance class - it is a meditation and spiritual journey for the body!"

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